Seesaw basics

  • Teachers post assignments/activities and announcements for the class

  • Students open assignments/activities, complete, and turn them in via Seesaw

  • Parents can be connected via the Seesaw Family App and see their student's work and announcements from the teacher

  • Teachers can give students direct feedback within Seesaw with comments and voice notes

  • Students can embed photos, videos, and voice recording directly into their assignments/activities with Seesaw

video tutorials

What is seesaw? - Intro for students

This video gives a nice overview of the Seesaw app for students.

What is Seesaw? - Intro for families

This video gives a nice overview of how Seesaw can be used by students and families.

How to Login to Seesaw - students

This video walks through the different ways students can login and access the Seesaw class app via Clever or the website.

How to add a response - students

This video walks through how students can add a response to an assignment/activity and submit their work on Seesaw.

How to Access the family App

This video walks through how to join and access the Seesaw family app for parents & guardians.

Additional resources

What is Seesaw

What is Seesaw?

This document gives a great overview of Seesaw and how it can be used for your student's class.

Seesaw PD - Get Students Started - Respond to Activities Student Directions (1).pdf

Respond to Activities

This document outlines the steps for your student to respond to an assignment/activity in Seesaw.

Tour the Class App.pdf

Tour the Class App

This document gives an overview of the sections and buttons in the Class app, which is the student side of Seesaw.

How to Login to Seesaw For Students

This document walks through how to login to Seesaw using Clever or using the Seesaw website and logging in with Google.

How to Access Seesaw Family App

This document walks through how to access the Seesaw Family app either by downloading the app or using the website.