Infographic that shows how students access information and updates from teachers through Google Classroom and connect virtually on Zoom.
Guardian's Guide to Google Tools.pdf

Click the link above or access the file to the left to get Google's guide for guardians on various Google Tools.  This guide has clickable links on a variety of Google topics like Chromebooks, Google Classroom, and Google Apps or the G Suite for Education.

Screenshot of Google's Family Hub website homepage

Click on the link above to access Google's new family hub website.  This site has information for families to support using technology at home.  It helps answer common questions as well as share information about popular tech, parental controls, online safety, family fun, and classroom tools.

Click the link above or access the file to the right to get Google's Tech FAQ for families.  In this document, Google answers many common questions families have about using technology.  It is a great resource for troubleshooting and for general information.

Google For Education FAQ.pdf
Getting Started with Student Technology

Click on the link above or access the document to the left for an introduction to the main applications and services we use with technology in the district like email, Skyward, Google, and Clever.

Click on the link above to access a playlist geared toward parents/guardians and families for using technology at home and supporting technology use. We also have a playlist of video tutorials geared toward students that can be access here: Student Tutorials.